PestPatrol update problem


I have a problem in my home computer with PestPatrol, when I try update the software it does not work, I get the following error message:  "Cannot open file versions.txt."

The PestPatrol version is: Standard

I noticed that PestPatrol was acquired by CA (computer associates), may be they do not give support for my PestPatrol version and I need upgrade to the lasted version? or is my computer (I'm using Win XP SP2, ZoneAlarm Security Suite 5.5.062)?, I have captured a screen with the error message and posted to the web:

I will appreciate any help, thanks!
Limber Jaimes.
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Hello lmjaimes =)

Goto Start>Run>msconfig>Services
can you see a "True Vector Service" which is a part of ZoneAlarm
if yes then untick it and restart and now try to update Pest Patrol
check if same problem.... if still yes then try to disable or uninstall Zone Alarm and then check!
im sure that its an issue of firewall :-?

You may also like to look here for the Manula updates of Pest Patrol >>

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lmjaimesAuthor Commented:
Hi SheharyaarSaahil,  
Thanks for the suggestion but I do not want disable my firewall (I love it :) ), I agree with you, may be the problem is in the firewall then I will try configure to allow the update, give me chance to check it and I will let you know :).  
LImber Jaimes
lol... no you got me wrong..... i really didn't mean to disable or uninstall the firewall completely and for ever..... i asked to disable or uninstall it just to check if it solves the problem.... once things start working you can easily reinstall\re-enable it back...... as sometime firewall settings get messed up and uninstalling and reinstalling can fix the issue :)
lmjaimesAuthor Commented:
Hi SheharyaarSaahil ;)

Yes sorry, I did not understand...

Today I have installed the PestPatrol in other computer (without firewall) and the same problem when I try run the updater, I noticed that the updater program is trying access to a resource that does not exists:

Then I have checked the manual updates web page and downloaded the new updater program for PestPatrol 4, installed, downloaded the last updates and now the automatic updates is working :)

Thank you!
well that's great.... :)

and now as the problem has solved, you can close this question, as you can see the Accept button infront of each comment which you got, you have to hit the button for that comment which solved your problem, and then assign a grade according to the quality of help you got,,, that's all :)
for more info. on how to close a Question, plzz refer here >>

Thanx & Cheers ^_^
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