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DCs not replicating

I have a domain ( at my house. I am using VLANs and have 2 domain controllers. One in each VLAN.
Under sites and services, I made 2 sites.  Delaware and Cali. I put one DC in each site. The problem is, the DCs are not replicating between themselves. I tried to force replication under sites and services, and it said "one or more of these connections are between DCs at different sites. Windows will replicate at the next opportunity" or something like that.

screenshot here
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Hello dissolved,

Did you create subnet objects and add them to the sites?

Here are the steps to configure a site in AD:
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yes. I created 2 subnets.
One DC is in the delaware subnet (192.168.2.)
the other DC is in the cali subnet (192.168.3)
When you look at the properties of the subnets, is the delaware subnet designated fro the deleware site, cali subnet should be in the cali site.  Just checking before we go on.
If possible, can you provide the exact error message?

Also can you post any dns or directory log errors?

Lastly, can you post a dcdiag and netdiag?

This is what it says when I click Replicate Now:
one or more of these AD connections are between DCs in different sites and cannot be replicated immediately. AD will replicate with these connections at the next opportunity

I'm getting NTFRS errors under event viewer. Specifically:
Following is the summary of warnings and errors encountered by File Replication Service while polling the DC for FRS replica set configuration information.

The nTDS Connection object cn=adc cn=ntds settings, cn=fileserver, cn=servers, cn=delaware, cn=sites, cn=confifugration, dc=spira.dc=com is conflicting with cn=adc\
cnf 601984be-3376-48dl-a236-e7a44701769d, cn=ntds
settings, cn=fileserver, cn=servers, cn=delaware, cn=sites, cn=configuration, dc=spira,dc=com

Would I be able to delete the sites and manually add them? Should I try that? I'll try to get you a netdiag.
no DNS errors by the way
its replicating now.

does it replicate only when you make a change , or at a predefined time? or both?
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gotcha gotcha. Now say I delete a computer from active directory. Does that replicate to the other DC right away? Or does it do it at a predfined time?
thanks for the help cfairley!
Usually updates take about 5 minutes if they are in the same site and a about 15 to 20 minutes if they are in different sites.  If you look at the default site link, the settings are defaulted to every 15 minutes.  so if you make a change on a DC in one site, it will not replicate until 15 more minutes to the other site in the site link.