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Restoring 2003 Small Business Server

Help! I tried to add a VoIP router to my network...screwed it up. Since we are more mac based than pc, I called in a Apple certified technician who said he could fix my server and integrate it more tightly w/ the macs. He very quickly was over his head and called in a higher up. Their solution was to totally reinstall the server. They renamed the server from .local to .com; took the shadow drive off site to configure the new set up. The inexperienced technician came back to set up the new server and broke the original server hard drive. We were able to recover the data on a removeable drive.

I have been down for over a week and it's killing my business. The higher up took the server back up to replicate the original server and get stuff over to new.

I have been fooling around w/ exmerge since I have the old mbdata files, etc. on the new server. Can't I just use that? How? Do I need to rename the server back to .local? Is it wise to be a .com at all since we have a very busy public .com w/ the same .com?

Currently I am backing up both mdbdata on both old and new servers because it appears that exmerge needs to import from a backup.

Please respond as quickly as possible.

Also, the mac guys say that exmerge is extremely complicated. Is it? It doesn't appear so.
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