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Auto fill field on form with field contents from another table

Access 2003, this is a database I converted from an old Dataease DB written many years ago, so the structure may seem weird :-)
I have a form where I select say a customer ID number, but then I want the name of that customer to display on the form I'm on.  The form I'm using basically records phone conversations I have with a customer and I call it my Contacts form which is thus linked to the Contacts table.  In a table named Names, I have all the customers, each customer assigned an ID# and fields with the customers name, address, etc.  On this Contacts form when I type or select the ID# from a combo box let's say (havent' actually designed the form yet), I want the form to look up this ID in the Names table and then pop in the actual full name of the customer in another control on this Contacts form.  What's the best way to do this.

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Normally I offer my users a combobox with ID# and a (concatenated) name.
The ID# is hidden and the combobox is linked to a subform (in single form format) that will show the fields needed from the chosen name from the combo.

Idea ?

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