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InterVideo WinDVD program association missing in XP

It seems that my program association with InterVideo WinDVD is missing.  

When I put a dvd in the drive the action selection box appears.  I select 'Play DVD movie uning InterVideo WinDVD'.  But I continue to receive this message 'This program does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.  Create an association in the Folder Options control panel'.

How do I re-associate InterVideo WinDVD with a DVD Movie????

Thank you in advance.

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Have you reinstalled it from the CD It comes on or updated it?
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Hello gandrews =)

Can you open WinDVD manually and play some .vob files in it from the DVD??
Or Can you play DVD in another player like WMP ??
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I have no problems executing WinDVD and playing the DVD or using Windows Media Player to play it.  It is just the whole automatic thing that is giving me a problem.
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Just reinstall WinDVD that should solve your problem
When you reinstall the installation should ask if you want this software to be the default program for certain files and that is where you check off whick files you want the program to default to
Or open the program and fine in its option section which files you want associtated to that prorgram

I just reintalled it and I still have the same problem.

Ok what OS are you running and what version of DIRECT X and Does the version of your program and or/hardware support the DIRECT X mechanism that is needed?

Is softpedia web site down I can't seem to get to it?


Everything is there to support this.  It was working in the past and now does not.

Oh Ok then have you tried System Restore?>

Of Course you have not said what OS you are using
For XP

Take a look at this MS KB

For ME

Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Description of the System Restore Utility in Windows Millennium Edition;en-us;267951
Actually I did in the title for this question.  XP


I could not get to the softpedia web site but I used the Autoplay Repair Wizard from the Microsoft site and it worked like a charm.  

Thanks for you help.

Then Windows Video 9 or 10 should work. It supposedly is compatible with just about every DVD format. Have upated to Windows Videoe 9?

No I am running 4.0 which works just fine and came with XP.  It is not a compaitibility issue it is a program association issue.  The autoplay within windows has lost the association.  And the association for this I believe is not simply a file extension association.  Because when I double click on my DVD player (E:\) I get the program association error.  Went I explore the E:\ drive there are no files in the root just 2 directories.  So what program extension do I associate in that case?  I tried to do the File Type association within the Folder Options with no success.


So the problem is not fixed. Why do you say yes to somebody when the problem was not fixed?
Open Explorer

Start > Run explore

right click on the drive in question then associate from there or use this free program to do the same

I said 'Yes' Because the problem IS fixed.  The wizard worked fine.  I'm just trying to answer your questions and clarify your confusions.

Oh ok thanks ganderews and kudos to SheharyaarSaahil for the fix :)

Thanks for your help.

gandrews im so soory that the link couldn't work for you..... i went to sleep at that time and so couldn't apologies again =\
But im glad that you found it yourself and it worked for you..... Cheers ^_^

>> and kudos to SheharyaarSaahil for the fix :)
thanx CO :->