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Hide subfolders shared in a common root folder depending on permissions

I currently have the folowing folder architecture:


I would like to map the Folder Apps as X: shared drive, but want users to only view (under X: Drive) those folders that they have permissions to.
In other words, if user "A" has read permissions to folders apps1 and apps2 then he or she should only see 2 folders under X: Drive. (apps1 and apps2).
If User "B" has some kind of access to the apps3 and apps1 folders then he should only see apps3 and apps1. I know you can do this in Novell but don't know if windows has this feature.
I'm trying to save letters by grouping all my apps in one folder but I only want users to see the folders they have some kind of access to.

Thanks in advance
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The only way to hide a share is to append the share name with an $
but this hides it from all
now the only way to connect to it would be for a user to type
net use Z: \\servername\testshare$ fro a prompt
true,, but then they could still map one directory above and still see all of the other folders

or they could manually *try* to map another user's folder, but it would get them only a "Access denied", of course.  If you have >10  users, this would bring a Headache
agree, if permissions are set correctly, they can see the folders, but not access them, usually good enough