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How do I erase all partitions on a specific disk ?

Hi all,

How would I go about removing all partitions on a specific device, even without knowing what partitions are on there ? I need to not touch other devices.

Basically, I need a command using either fdisk or parted that will remove all partitions on a specific device as part of a %pre script in Red Hat's kickstart tool.

I was originally going to use clearpart --drives cciss/c0d0 in the kickstart script, but we have identified a bug where clearpart does not work for specific devices on machines where the device naming uses the cciss/cxdx (controller x, device x) notation. This applies to all of our HP DL380 and DL585 equipment.
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I ditto that :-) Good one.. :-)
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fdisk should do the trick.
for exaple if it is the hdc disk you do
fdisk /dev/hdc
now it will ask for a command
do "p" to make it give a list of all partitions
or "m" for a help
"d" to remove a partition
and don't forget "w" at the end to write the partition table

also check "man fdisk"
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I have accepted blkline's solution as this one works from a script. The other solution offered with fdisk could not be used in a red hat kickstart script.