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Buying New Hard drives

I found this hard drive:

What are your views on it, is hitachi a good make of hard drive? would you pay that much for it + shipping?
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Hitachi do make good drives since these are technically IBM drives.

I've never heard anything really bad about Hitachi hard drives (most laptop hard drives are hitachi). But recently Seagate announced that it's going to have 5 year warranty on ALL of their new hard drives which is awesome (most hard drive manufacturers only offer either 1 or 3 year warranty) I've decided that if they're willing to stand behind their product like that, then from now on, all I'll ever buy is Seagate (In the past I mainly bought Maxtor and Western Digital).
I would spend the extra little bit  purchase the Maxtor at the bottom of the page on the link you provided.
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I'd go for samsung spinpoint drives. They use a technique which makes them really silent. Another advantage of these drives is that they don't heat up as much as other drives, which will probably make them last longer.

I've had quite a view problems with maxtor drives. I've had many of them giving up on me. Maxtor on the other hand usually give 3 years warranty so it is wasn't any problem getting a replacement, but you still have to pay for shipping and the time spent or data lost....
Hitachi are hit and miss.  Since they are basically IBM hard drives it is a gamble.  I had 13 IBM/Hitachi drives fail so far this year, all under 18 months old.  I personally prefer Seagate.  Usually good drives (only 3 failures ytd).  Here is a heck of a deal.

It has the same stats as the Hitachi, but cheaper and retail, so you get cables.
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So far the main ones are Maxtor, Hitachi, and Seagate.

Which out of these is the most reliable but still gives good relatively cheap quality? Seagate i know has that 5 year warenty but that doesnt mean its the best
As i mentioned, samsung...
lol, I was thinking of getting Western Digital but really what you've told me is that any will do, its just the users taste. Ir has anyone had some really BAD problems with certain makes?
I've had many maxtors (every 2nd drive!) breaking down, also some IBM and toshiba 2,5" disks.

Generally I didn't havy any problems with warranty replacements, except you have to pay for shipping,
use your time, maybe lose data.
I have had very good luck with Seagate. I use WD in my own machine because I want the performance. The reliablility is not there(2 drives in one year) but performance is(WD Raptors in a RAID 0). I have had a few bad Maxtors. But when you talk to other people they will give you different stories and they have their favorites just like cars.
I will basically install, in the computers I sell, whatever I can get a good deal on and I will stand behind it. WD, Seagate, IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Maxtor, Samsung, all these companies have produced a bad batch of drives at one time or another. As long as these companies stand behind what they sell you really should have a problem. You should always remember the lesson that was tought when we used to run computers off of floppys and no HD, Keep Backups of everything vital. Do not rely on the HD to always be there and functioning properly.
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Thanks adamport, what hard drive did you decide to go with?
i know its a litle late but i just bought a maxtor 120gb hd from tiger direct for $70 at

and i've been very happy with it