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Bit out of my depth here.
10 x XP Pro machines and a Windows 2000 server. NOT active directory, Server has bespoke software via mapped drives. Server provides dhcp
Just got DSL, dynamic ip address. Got Zoom x4 NAT router, can make work on single machine via the usb as that is seen as a different network connection. The routers ethernet connection will not play ball with the routers dhcp off. I cant leave it on as then I have two dhcp servers, sort of. If I disable the dhcp on the server and enter manual addresses then the router doesn't play ball because it seems to insist all machines are set to obtain ip addresses automatically. I can disable dhcp on the server and then let the router look after dhcp but is that wise, a £60 box reponsible for the network addresses. I have tried all sorts of gateway/proxy settings. Have I got the wrong sort of router here? If so what do I need (UK) to get these 10 machines onto a dsl dynamic ISP (Tiscali).
PS, no email is needed as one POP box suffices.
Many thanks
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the router should work with dhcp off, but you have to set the LAN ip of the router static, exclude it's ip from the dhcp scope (so it doesn't get handed out, and cause a conflict) and then tell the dhcp server (in the scope) what the routers ip is and use that as the gateway
set the router ip to
then set the scope of the dhcp server to 192.168.0.(2-253)
and set the gateway (in the dhcp scope) to
You may also have a dns issue (XP relies heavily on dns)
if you have dns setup on the w2k server, then make sure the forwarders are setup correctly (to forward any request it can't resolve to your isp)
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One more thing..  I would suggest you start thinking in the terms of Domains.  Since you have a W2K server, you should make the most of it and start locking down your network.  Just a thought..  :)
FE, thought about that, but also thought if client gets an ip from router, then they won't get the internal dns info, yes/no ?
Hmm.. as long as the DHCP is setup correctly, you should be able to push the DNS server info to the clients and direct them to the proper DNS server location...  whether it be internal, or external..  I would hope that they are using an internal DNS if they are sharing files, but since they are not using AD, we really don't know about that, eh?

Or is it too early for me to be answering tech questions?  :)
LOL, I've been up since 5:15 (yawn)
with the router suing dhcp, it should get the dns settings from the isp, and the isp wouldn't have the internal dns info (my thinking anyway)
can you have dns without AD?
Yea.  DNS can be installed separately.  In fact, you can choose to setup DNS separately even if you when you dcpromo a Server (not a good idea though).  

If they are using an internal DNS, you should be able to configure the router's DHCP setup with that DNS IP address, then setup forwarding on the server to the external DNS servers.  For instance, on my router, I can setup 3 static DNS addresses separately from the ones I use externally.  

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Thanks all. The system is unmanned, no IT onsite. So AD and all the other goodies are ott. The net access is just to go to the besoke software suppliers site and download call info. Anything more than the setup that is would be overkill/expensive.
 I have sorted the problem I think. The zoom router will NOT play ball with a 192 address. By setting the machines to 10. and disableing dhcp on the router I can get it to work. I did however forget to use a xover cable (DOH)! Why do I have to enter the default gateway address into the preffered dns server box on each machine? DNS is not on (is it). The other thing I noticed which was strange was that with NO dhcp being broadcat from router and server disconnected, if I left the address of the machine to automatic, instead of reverting to XP's usual fallback address Ipconfig /all showed a 10. address. The router was set to no dhcp so XP fell back to This was no help though just thought it was interesting. XP worked out that there was a 10. address and fell in line. The two scopes sounds good but will the workstations know which scope to aim for to get onto the net?
DNS is not on (is it).
has to be for name resoloution (for the net anyway), at least the clients need to use it
You definitely need DNS Server addresses to be pushed out with your DHCP Response packets (as Steven mentions).  You should be able to set this up in your DHCP Scope configuration.  Regarding the 2 scopes, it won't matter which scope your client's get their TCP configuration from, as long as you set them up identically, EXCEPT for the scope range.  This MUST be different, or there is a possibilty that more than one machine could get the same IP address, which will cause all kinds of problems for you in the future....