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Delimited text file to 2 dimensional array


I have a text file that contains two columns seperated by a delimiter(;).
I would like to store the values into a two dimensional array, so that I can retrieve one value from the array and it's corresponding value from the same array for furthur processing. Can this be accomplished?

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the answer depends on what language are youre using.
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Oh, sorry! I use VB6.

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Mike Tomlinson
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Here is a small piece of code I flung together... It's not optimal, but it works fast enough if you file isn't to big. I'm not to clued up on multi dimentional arrays, that's why I didn't add both items to the array in one go... If someone would like to optomize the code, I'd like to see how too...


    Dim tmpArray1() As String
    Dim tmpArray2() As String
    Dim tmpArrayFinal() As String
    Dim tmpArrayOnly2 As Variant
    Dim nCounter As Integer
    Dim FileName As String
    FileName = "C:\test.txt"

    nCounter = 0
    Dim intFileNum As Integer
    Dim strText As String
    Dim strTemp As String
    ' Get the File Number
    intFileNum = FreeFile
    ' Open the File
    Open FileName For Input As #intFileNum
    ' Loop through each line, appending to the textbox
    Do Until EOF(intFileNum)
        ' Keep Windows Breathing
        ' Get the data
        Line Input #intFileNum, strTemp
        tmpArrayOnly2 = Split(strTemp, ";")
        If nCounter = 0 Then
            ReDim tmpArray1(1)
            ReDim tmpArray2(1)
            ReDim Preserve tmpArray1(nCounter)
            ReDim Preserve tmpArray2(nCounter)
        End If
        tmpArray1(nCounter) = tmpArrayOnly2(0)
        tmpArray2(nCounter) = tmpArrayOnly2(1)
        nCounter = nCounter + 1
    ' Close file
    Close #intFileNum

    nCounter = UBound(tmpArray1)
    ReDim tmpArrayFinal(0 To nCounter - 1, 0 To 1)
    Dim x As Integer
    For x = 0 To nCounter - 1
        tmpArrayFinal(x, 0) = tmpArray1(x)
        tmpArrayFinal(x, 1) = tmpArray2(x)
    Next x
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Thanks all for your help.