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movie clips staying put at one state

I have a gameboard (non-commercial) with 30 movie clips, kind of a "Jeopardy" emulation where each clip is a question. When a clip is clicked on, the movie clip alpha fades the question to 0% and jumps to a _root movie scene where the action occurs, after which the player is taken back to the original root movie frame where all 30 clips live.

I need the question (type) that faded in the original movie clip to remain faded to indicate that the question has been asked. This needs to hapen for random question selection. I tried to make each movie clip its own self-contained interaction machine, but ran into insurmountable depth issues.

Does anyone have a workaround for this scenario?
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I am not quite really understand ur situation
But I will try to solve

Is that you mean ur method created too many instances on different depth?

I think is not difficult to call anyone of them using their instance name

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I see where you're going, but let me try to parse (I'm more of a graphics guy than programmer):

_root.question1_mc.faded = true;

Should be assigned to the frame at the end of the alpha tween to identify the point at which the clip has disappeared.

Then I add the second portion to the root in the frames where the clips are?
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> Then I add the second portion to the root in the frames where the clips are?

Yes, you can select each of the movieclips, and paste the onClipEvent code inside it.  This means that whenever the movieclip with the code is drawn on screen, it first looks to the on load event.  This means you can dynamically customise it's initial appearance for each instance on the timeline.
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