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Can't get Yamaha PSR-240 midi keyboard to talk to computer

I've had a Yamaha PSR-240 keyboard for several years.  Had it talking to my computer a couple of years ago, but a divorce and two moves later, and I end up with the keyboard and the midi cable that was originally successful.

Now I can't remember whether there was an install disk, or just what it took to get my computer to recognize midi input.

Do I simply need a midi driver, or just what?  

What's the best strategy here?

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Here are a couple of links:

The first one being the main can link to their service and support from it.  The second link is a location to view the user manual for your model.  The support links has several numbers and email where you can contact the technical support.  You may even try going to one of your local dealers.  There are links from the page to find dealers local to you as well.

Have you tried to install it already?  What type of system and OS are you running?

I hopes this helps or atleast points you in the right direction.

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To Chuck:
I had already been to the Yamah site, and found no help there.  And I can find nothing in the manual regarding drivers or an install process.

>>Have you tried to install it already?
I don't know what the install process is.  If there is an install CD that came with it, it has been lost meanwhile.

>> What type of system and OS are you running?
Windows 2000.

Have you tried calling or emailing them to see if the disk is available?  They had several numbers on their Support page....Any luck with finding a service tech in your area?,6692,VNM%253DLIVE,00.html

Not sure where else to look.

I would start by finding a service vendor in your area, then if that fails try calling them direct.

Good Luck!

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This question should be classified as Answered.  My answer is the correct way to Setup a MIDI device in Windows 2000

My soulution may also be helpful to others if it is made accessable

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