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define a global variable in ms/sql 7.0

Is it possible to create my 'own' global variable in a ms/sql database environment ?
More precisely : I need to regularly run a more or less complex stored procedure in one database. The stored procedure should 'remember' the last datetime it was executed.
Of course, a solution for me is to store that value in a specific table I would create first, and retrieve it from there later on.
But I was thinking about a maybe more "elegant" solution with global variable that I could 'create' ?
Is this feasible ?
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I don't think SQL Server have global variables..but, you can use global temp tables for this..

You can create Global Temp tables like

create ##temptable (fdate datetime)

These tables are available across the procedures, but till you restart SQL Server. These will not use the actual database, rather use TEMPDB.
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