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Server socket error 10053

I have a project on a server pc controlling I/O's. I am using the server socket to update three other pc's over a lan on the status of the server computer. I can log in and out of the server computer with any of the client computers. However if a simulate a power failure in one of the client pc's I keep getting the error asynchronous socket error 10053. What is the best way to trap this error without brining down the server or the other two client computers?
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that's a
"connection aborted due to timeout or other failure (10053)"

basically unexpected failure, like in your case

you just need to
- check that you have a connection before enterying the "send/receive messages section"
- have exception handling when sending/receiving and if you get any exception trap it there instead of leting it populate to the user as a message box error

if you can show some of the code you have for communication it would be more clear where you need to do these steps, but basically that's the concept
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if you wrote these applications using Indy, then you can easily catch the relevant exception and handle it nicely.
if you are using dcom (via borland socket server) then I don't know
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