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Connecting XP Pro to Windows ME Dial-up Server

Hello -

I'm trying to connect my XP Pro workstation to a Windows ME workstation running Dial-Up Server.

I keep getting the login kicked back resulting in the following error:

"Error 691: access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain."

The username and password in my connectoid are the same username and password that we log on to the ME machine with.  I have set the password in the Dial-up Server settings to match the password that the user logs on to the ME machine with.  The ME machine is in a domain (using SAMBA) and I have tried with and without the domain unsuccessfully.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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i'm assuming here that:

the two workstations not located in the same area/building.

Your Windows ME machine is a member of a domain, but not the domain controller

You don't have access to the domain controller (not your server?)


If you have access to the domain contoller, you should have the dial in vpn setup at the controller, not your workstation.

If the two computers are closer together you should use a router/switch and connect by an ethernet network.

Please post more information about the setups please.

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Thanks for your response.  Your assumptions are correct.  

I am attempting to establish IP network connectivity with the ME machine in order to use Funk Software's Proxy Host to allow remote control of the ME machine.

PCAnywhere would be ideal except that there is an issue between it and a peice of software that is running on the remote PC preventing us from using it.

The only connectivity option to the remote site is dial-up.

Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

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I just tried connecting with a windows 98 machine to the DUN Server on the ME machine and it worked.

Any ideas why it might not be working with XP?
It is possible that you have your Internet Firewall on in the XP machine.  If ME is the computer that has the net connection - then only it needs a firewall.  Try turning off the Firewall on the XP machine (when using the ME as server).  Having the firewall on will keep you from accessing the net in XP when part of a network.
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Nope - the XP machine does not deploy a software firewall.
The firewall is turned on by default on XP.  Go to this setting

Start>Settings>Network Connections>Local Area Connection>Properties>Advanced - If the box that says - "Protect my Computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet" is checked - uncheck it.
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There is no software firewall running on the XP machine (Microsoft's or otherwise).  I tend to think it's an issue with the way XP handles usernames/domains but I'm not sure.  As I stated previously, I'm able to connect with a 98 machine  using the username and password of the ME machine.  Not sure what is happening.
The only other thing I can think of is I believe - and it has been years - you must have NetBEUI installed.  This is installed by default on all 9x versions of Windows - but is a valueadd function for XP.  Try adding NetBEUI.  The Microsoft url for instructions is:;en-us;301041&sd=tech

hope this resolves it
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Although this issue has not been respolved, I will award the points for the effort.