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Export from ADS

I need to pull the following property value from ADS.

"msExchESEParamLogBuffers" - It is one of the   Storage Group property.

It is located in Configuration Container >Services >Microsoft Exchange >ExchangeOrgName >Administrative Group >Servers >ServerName >InformationStore >StorageGroupName.

How to do that in LDIFDE.

Let me if there is any other way to pull this value from ADS.

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I afraid that i am not understanding your answer.Can you give exact command that i need to give.

Thanks for your help & sorry for pulling you again...
just copy the following to your CMD
CSVDE -f c:\yomanex.csv -l "msExchESEParamLogBuffers,DN,objectclass, objectcategory,name, DistinguishedName, cn, desription,ou,mDBStorageQuota, mDBOverQuotaLimit"

go to  c:\ you will find a file namde yomanex.csv open it in the a Collom you will find your
This is keep on running with .....Never creates a file in c:\...

can you please explain what the following part is doing....

DN,objectclass, objectcategory,name, DistinguishedName, cn, desription,ou,mDBStorageQuota, mDBOverQuotaLimit
its some more proprties that it exports like the name, thr ou the desription and some other
like mDBStorageQuota, mDBOverQuotaLimit that I am not sure you need but. it will create the file at the end of the export operation in the mine time open a new cmd and write csvde
you will see all of it's commands
Did you get what you whant?
if so rate the question if not post back and I will see wh at i can do
It is running for hours...Never ending....Can you get me exact command....Or explain me what each spec doing on the command....

Check microsoft KB276440 it will explain all you nees to know about CSVDE
Thanks FYI...Gimme 2 days i should be able to update you by Tuesday...