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.NET CF - Remove "�" characters from string

  I have some code that grabs the owner information from the Pocket PC and puts it in a string.  Anyways, I want to break the string up into the specific pieces (first name, last name, city) but the pieces are dividied by a wierd character combination.  See below:

John�Smith�PO Box xxxx Some City, NA 55555�555-555-5555�

If I try to do the following, it doesn't see the characters:  fname = left(thestring,"�")

But, If I try to do the following, the ampersand is underlined w/ a "expression expected" error: fname = left(thestring,�)

Any suggestions how I can split it up?  Also, what is that character combination anyways?  

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txtName.Text = ls
txtCompany.Text = Mid(ls, 37)
txtAddress.Text = Mid(ls, 73)
txtTelephone.Text = Mid(ls, 259)
txtEmail.Text = Mid(ls, 284)

 Registry.GetStringValue("\ControlPanel\Owner", "Owner", NewValue)
MsgBox(Mid(NewValue, 37)) ' add this under it , its the Company
MsgBox(Mid(NewValue, 73)) ' add this under it , its the Address
MsgBox(Mid(NewValue, 259)) ' add this under it ,PhoneNumber
MsgBox(Mid(NewValue, 284)) ' add this under it , its the email address
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How do I seperate the first name from last name?

I tried:
firstname = left(NewValue,instr(NewValue," "))   'This works ok

lastname = right(NewValue,len(NewValue)-len(firstname))  'This grabs the last name but also a bunch of Null characters (�)

You can't notice the "�" characters until you try to write the string to XML.   Any ideas?

        Dim MySplitLine As Collection = SplitDelimitedLine(NewValue, "�" )
        MsgBox( MySplitLine.Item(1))

        MsgBox( MySplitLine.Item(2))

        MsgBox( MySplitLine.Item(3))

        MsgBox( MySplitLine.Item(4))

        MsgBox( MySplitLine.Item(5))
why dont you save the information in a variable and then send it to xml
I did.  I put the information in a string variables, then populated a dataset w/ them.  Then I wrote them to XML.  For some reason the string variables looked ok but they were still holding the "�" characters. Below shows what I was doing.  VB is complaining that "SplitDelmitedLine is not declared".  What do I need to import to make it work?  Are there a "standard" set of imports that you suggest using on every project?  Thanks again.

          'Initialize First Name
            theFirstName = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(theOwnerInfo, Microsoft.VisualBasic.InStr(theOwnerInfo, " "))
            theFirstName = Trim(theFirstName)

            'Initialize Last Name
            theLastName = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Mid(theOwnerInfo, 37)
            'theLastName = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(theOwnerInfo, Microsoft.VisualBasic.Len(theOwnerInfo) - Microsoft.VisualBasic.Len(theFirstName))

            'Initialize Email Address
            theEmail = Mid(theOwnerInfo, 284)
            theEmail = Trim(theEmail)

            'Same the Information to a Dataset
            MyDataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item(0) = ""
            MyDataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item(1) = theFirstName
            MyDataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item(2) = theLastName
            MyDataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item(3) = theEmail

            'Write the Dataset to the XML File
Ok, I imported System.IO and put in the following function, but its asking for 3 parameters..not 2.  Suggestions?

    Function SplitDelimitedLine(ByVal CurrentLine As String, ByVal Delimiter As String, ByVal Qualifier As String) As Collection

        Dim i As Integer
        Dim SplitString As New Collection
        Dim CountDelimiter As Boolean
        Dim Total As Integer
        Dim Ch As Char
        Dim Section As String

        ' We want to count the delimiter unless it is within the text qualifier
        CountDelimiter = True
        Total = 0
        Section = ""

        For i = 1 To Len(CurrentLine)

            Ch = Mid(CurrentLine, i, 1)
            Select Case Ch

                Case Qualifier
                    If CountDelimiter Then
                        CountDelimiter = False
                        CountDelimiter = True
                    End If

                Case Delimiter
                    If CountDelimiter Then

                        ' Add current section to collection
                        SplitString.Add(New MySection(Section))

                        Section = ""
                        Total = Total + 1

                    End If

                Case Else

                    Section = Section & Ch

            End Select


        ' Get the last field - as most files will not have an ending delimiter
        If CountDelimiter Then

            ' Add current section to collection
            SplitString.Add(New MySection(Section))

        End If

        SplitDelimitedLine = SplitString

    End Function

    Public Class MySection

        Public Section As String
        Sub New(ByVal newName As String)
            Section = newName
        End Sub

    End Class

Ok, I figured it out.  I had to create a function to check each character in the string and weed out the bad characters.

Function Cleanup(ByVal theString As String)

        'Declare Variables
        Dim goodChars As String
        Dim hasGood As Boolean
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim j As Integer

        'Initialize Good Characters
        goodChars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-'@."

        theString = Trim(theString)

        'Loop Through Each Character in the String
        For i = 0 To theString.Length - 1

            'Default to No Good Characters Found
            hasGood = False

            'Loop Through Each Good Character
            For j = 0 To goodChars.Length - 1

                'Check for Good Character
                If theString.Substring(i, 1) = goodChars.Substring(j, 1) Then
                    hasGood = True
                    Exit For
                End If

                'Check for Null
                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.IsNothing(theString.Substring(i, 1)) Then
                    hasGood = False
                    Exit For
                End If

            'No Good Character Found at Selected Index, Return Everything Previous
            If hasGood = False Then
                theString = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(theString, i)
                theString = Trim(theString)
                'BAD STUFF FOUND
                Return theString
            End If


        theString = Trim(theString)
        Return theString

    End Function
good for you

have a great weekend
btw:  Thanks for all your help Mikal613.  I'd still be stuck without your help.  :)  You have a nice weekend too.