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Is it possible to get a movie clip to stay on its last frame?

I need to get a movie clip to play, and then to stay on its last frame. I have several clips on one layer in one place on the timeline. When any of them are clicked on, they change appearance, then tellTarget (_root) gotoAndPlay(frame of _root). Problem is, when the movie returns to the original place on the timeline, the clips have reverted to their initial appearance.

I tried putting a stop on the last frame of each movie clip, but that doesn't seem to work. And help would be appreciated.
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On the last frame of the movieclip you could assign a stop(); action. This is the easiest way to do it. Are you looking for something that will programmatically implement this on a movieclip ?
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If you need to do this programmatically, here is a little block of code that will apply this functionality to a movieclip with an instance name of "mcTest"

mcTest.onEnterFrame = function(){
      if(mcTest._currentframe == mcTest._totalframes){
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I tried a stop action but it seems to ignore it. It's as if it reloads the movie clip whenever it goes back to frame where the movie clip sits. I need the clip to disappear.

The above had no effect.
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This worked for me.

In the movie clip, add a layer and call it something like "actions". On the last frame of the clip, add a keyframe in the "actions" layer. Put some action script in this frame which is basically a flag saying that we got here. Like this:


In the first frame of the actions layer add a keyframe and in this keyframe enter this code:

if (_root.got_here =="yes"){

*make sure you define the lastframe (as [clipName]._totalframes) or hard code it.

set the clip to start on frame 2 (so there is no noticable jump)

Then once the clip plays once, next time it will jump to the last frame and stop.

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I'd be willing to bet that, since actions are not working properly that your "moveclip" is not in fact a movieclip. From the main timeline, click on the item & view it's properties. It may in fact be getting treated as a graphic. You can change the behaviour by changing this to a movieclip, then the actions will work just fine. You can also do this by selecting your graphic and (using F8) converting this symbol to a movieclip. Let me know if this helps.
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From your original description, I think i'd agree with AgentSmith, it seems you've created multiple "animations" on your main timeline.

i'd suggest posting ur fla somewhere so we can have a look at what it is u're doing.
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You rock, Savong. As usual, it's something simple.
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