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best AGP card for "dual monitor" set-up.

I am interested in setting up "dual monitors" from a single computer and setting up 3 monitors at some stage in the future.

I have read that rather than buy a  Matrox Parhelia (which is too expensive for me at the moment)I can also buy an AGP card that is capable of running 2 monitors and then adding a PCI card of the same make at a later date. I have a budget of about £50 ($95 US) for the AGP card and am aiming to buy a new or second hand one on Ebay.

My main requirements are to be able to watch DVDs at the highest possible quality whilst having other internet applications functioning on another screen/s. I also occasionally play games.

Which AGP card would you recommend on this budget?

P.S.      A possible added complication concerns the second monitor I will be using. It is a 21" monitor that has a damaged VGA port. The current owner gets around this by utilising the BNC connection on the monitor, via a VGA to BCN cable. Will any of the AGP cards recommended on this budget allow me to utilise the BCN connection?

Thanks for your help,
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I work with a small company where a number of users have a dual monitor setup. We have very good experience with ATI Radeon 7000 cards that shipped with Dell up till a year or so ago so you may be able to find one of these used. They will not accomidate the BNC connection though.
Beyond dual ports we use the Appian Rushmore cards and are very happy with these but you would have to raise your budget amount a bit.
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