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UML Diagram to Java Code File

Hello all,

I have a UML Diagram made in Rational Rose, Is there any way to see the Source of these UML Classes in Java Language or C++ or any other language ?

thanks in advance.
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Visual Paradigm (another UML program) will import Rational Rose and it can export diagrams as Java code. They have a community edition that you can download either as a standalone or plugins for some IDEs.
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If you have Visual Paradigm installed on your machine, can you please do it for me and email me the resulting files at shafiqrao at ? i would greatly appriciate your help, b.t.w the rational model that i want to be converted to java source files is accable at this link

Thanks in advance
Guys, I thought Rational rose converts UML diagrams to Java / C++
I dont have rose installed on my machine right now. So, cannot tell you the right menu path / mouse clicks. But I am sure Rose can convert UML diagrams to Java / C++.

Ignore my prev.  comment. As I can see, you do not have Rational Rose installed but want to decipher the rose files and create the java skeletons.
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I encountered errors in making java source, i could not figure out what is the problem, could any one try from the link that i gave ?

I tried your mdl. i was able to generate supervises, location, person classes . other objects are not able to create java code because they are not properly

some of the problems in mdl
1. no return types ffor some methods
2. inappropriate relationship

please try again