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server management and monitoring

I'm interested in exploring what server management and monitoring tools are out there.

I'm going to have a bunch of windows server 2003 installations running SQL Server 2000 that i want to be able deploy and then just leave alone until there are any problems.  i'd like a system that can detect hardware failure or problems, and send email reports when there are problems.  eg. somethign that could report when a server's harddisk gets to 80% or something like that.

I'd love it if it could detect if there is a HDD failure, or if the RAID array is being rebuilt on the fly, or if a fan has died etc.  Is this sort of software only vendor specific?

I'd also love some sort of central administration where i can see all my servers and then administer them through one central console.

Is there anything like that on the market?  Does something like Plesk do these sort of things?

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I believe Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 may be a possible solution here. (

It can be set to monitor for events on managed machines and generate alerts when specific events occur.

HDD failure and RAID events generally have Events that are logged and could be monitored.

Not sure about fans though unless they can be monitored through WMI...

Dave Dietz
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