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DFS intergrated with exchange 2003???

I'm going to be setting up a new domain soon and I wondering if anyone out there has tried intergrating DFS with the exchange databases?
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Chris Dent
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If you mean storing the databases on DFS, you can't as far as I know.

Exchange Databases can only be stored on one of the following:

Local Drives (SCSI / IDE)
SCSI Attached Storage
Fibre Channel Storage
iSCSI Storage

For the last two they traditionally appear as part of a SAN Installation.
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so what your saying is that you don't think you can specify the location of the databases with a UNC path?   That would be the only reason I could think of that could stop you.  I haven't seen any data for this on the WEB.   I can't imagine two many people trying This.  Thanks.  I'll keep looking into it.

You definately can't use a UNC path for databases (or a mapped drive).

The device that runs the databases must be started before the System Attendant starts or Exchange just won't play at all.
I was just playing with it and I do believe you can right click on the (pub or Priv) information store in the exchange systems admin console, go to properties, database tab, and browse to any share and save the data base there.

The database would of course be started because it would be a AD root share.

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to argue.  I do it is possible.  However, I haven't seen any documentation to support either way.

That was why it was only as far as I know... if it works... :)

You would have to restart the server to ensure it all works correctly though.
Yeah.  I can't really do that on this domain

Just started the planning for the new domain so I can't test it there......

It would be pretty cool if it works though.  I kinda like the idea behind DFS.  Thanks.
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Chris Dent
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Hi DanSmall,

Did you find out if this was possible?

As i have been given the same project.

Also, any tips / links would be nice :O)


The only documentation that I could find was that it was not supported by microsoft.  I tryied it on a test bed and it is possible.  I did not implement it into a production network though.  The reason behind this is that DFS if more for files that are not changed a lot or read only files.  So, data bases are a bad idea for DFS.  For example if you have a big forest you could use a DFS share as a forest wide share (kind of like an internal "FTP" but with out having to use the protocol or having a web site.  This is a bad description but I hope you understand what I mean).  I have also tried this with profiles and home directories in a production network and it caused more problems then it was worth.
this could cause a problem for me as i need to replace our public folders with DFS, but want to retain the links in Outlook.

any thoughts?

Sorry no thoughts on that.  Why would you want to do that?
Because folders are easier to admin, and DFS give us high availiblity.

Not sure I agree with you on the "easier to admin".  Plus if you have two exchange servers you could replicate public folders between the two servers.  Thus giving you the "high availiblity"

I would think it is easier to use public folders than it is to waste effort on trying to figure out the solution wich is the same thing as a public folder just not in a database.  You tracking?
Hi Dan,

Yeah i follow what your saying; you can achieve the same objectives using public folders, it's just prefer to admin regular folders..

I suppose it's just personal preference.

thanks for the info

No worries man.  Just don't make to much work for you self.

Another good thing about public folders is that if you use OWA, those files, etc can be accessed from outside of your domain without any additional software.

As for for administration, it's not that bad to do within exchange.  I think it's actually easier sometimes.

Good luck man.