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socket communication slow on XP

I'm working on Windows XP and it's connected to an intranet.  I have a windows sockets communication program written in C++.  I uses XSnooper to examine the line signature of communcication across the network to some linux server.  The communication program using HTTP protocol.

I was simulating a broken network connection by disconnecting from the network using XP's network status dialog.  I disabled the network connection at least 5 times.

Now the line signature of going across XPSnooper is very, very slow.

What happened and what can I do to fix this?
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Is your network connection setup to autonegotiate the speed and duplex of the connection?  It is possible that the switch/router your are connected to and your workstation NIC have negotiated different settings.  Try restarting the machine.

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I rebooted my XP machine several times.  Still no difference.
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Great idea!  I'll try that on Monday and get back with you ..
hi, there

Is this a manageable switch if NO it will always give autonegotiation..
that Windwos Socket program does it clear the memory stack... could tr to clear the mem stack.
how do i clear the mem stack?