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I have a 2003 DC on a 2000 domain and want to move FSMO and GC over to the 2003 machine and deactivate the 2000 machine

I have been wrestleing with migrating a windows 2000 domain over to a 2003 domain.  Thanks to help from this web site and reading reading and reading.. I have the 2003 DC now running with the 2000 DC.  Now I want to transfer the FSMO and GC ove to the 2003 box and remove the 2000 box from service.

I think I have to just dcpromo the 2k box and these will transfer but I don't want to do this and screw up the domain if it does not work.  I could restore from Ghost but was wondering if dcpromo on the 2k box is what I need to do?
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If I move the FSMO do I need to worry about the GC? I am such a AD newbie..
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Ok, I hvae moved the GC and am about ready to do the FSMO.  I need to make another backup first.. Thanks for the post brakk0!