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Place file and run on client PC from web browser


Ok - this may sound dodgy, but it is for an internal system.

On a click from a user in a web browser (specifically IE) I need to be able to download a file from the webserver to the client machine and run it. This should obviously be done without the user having to download a physical file and save it first.

I imagine that I may need to create some sort of ActiveX contol though I am flexible in the approach that can be used as long as it can be done in C#.

Some restrictions may not matter as it is for an internal system.

All advice appreciated.
I only have 285 points left. Hope that's enough!

Many thanks

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If someone could tell me how to do this in ANY language, that would be a great start.. E.g. java spplet, vc++ activeX etc..

Many thanks

Ok - Im a bit concerned about this one so Ive toddled off and bought some more points.

Look forward to yuor answers

It can be done using many technologies, including ActiveX, Applets etc. I am giving you some references to get started with this. Firstly you need to see these threads to learn the concept and then use one of these methods to accomplish what you want.


Ok - I realise now that I cannot really make a proper ActiveX control in C# as the code access security means that we can no longer run an ActiveX control in the same way, even though I can embed a windows form control in IE.

So, still with this in mind, I would like to know the easiest way to achieve the above.
This may still be using an ActiveX control.
I would like to do it with minimum intevention from the client. I dont mind if this means the client having to agree to an ActiveX download, though I dont really wat the hassle of them having to change security policy if possible.

What I am haivng real problems with is finding a decent example on the Internet. Please bear in mind that our work development environment is VS.NET professsional so I don't have access to VB6. At a push, I might be able to download Java tools to get the job done, though if I can do this in the VS.NET environment, then all the better.


Ok - I've figured out how Im going to do it, but thanks anyway. I'm going to use an embedded Windows Forms control rather than an ActiveX as it fits in with the tools that Im using and I can sell the CAS side of it as a benefit to my PM.


Some of the pages I referred you to were .Net based.

As for your "least bothersome for the end-users" pursuit, you can do so with domain policy. Ask your Windows NT administrator to enforce a web browser policy. By modifying the logon script he can automatically modify each user's IE setting, without even users getting to know about it.
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