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smtpsvc error #2013

I checked event viewer and found the smtpsvc error ID#2013 happens everyday. I can't find the resolution from Microsoft.
Can anyone configure for me?


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1) What mail server do you use?
2) Could you post full text of the logged message?
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we are using Exchange 2003. I will post the log message tomorrow.


it shows the error message is that UDP is down. Can anyone tell me how to enable?


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I have the exact same error message as the one you posted. The difference is that we have a stand alone server which is DNS server and Exchange server. When I use nslookup to check, it shows two ip address: and
I can send and receive email, but checked queue has some stacked message since the date the networking company left our company. They must changed something with the firewall which is a cisco pix 501. According to your posted article 21110083, it seems that I have to reinstall everything which is a big challenger for me since  I am new to this company. Is there any other way to resolve this issue? also is this error message critical or not?



>> and

     Are the 2 IPs for your exchange server or for your DNS or one for exchange and one
for DNS.

    If the 2 IPs point to the same hostname, you have trouble, need to go to the DNS
server to delete the incorrect IP.
I had a similiar issue about 6 months ago. I called both Microsoft and Cisco. Cisco said there was a problem in the way Microsoft performed it's DNS under 2003 and that the PIX would reject certain types of packets r something like that. They had me run a command on the server that fixed the problem. Below is the command:

dnscmd "your server name" /Config /EnableEDnsProbes 0

Let us know if it works for ya!

when I add a forwarder IP address as, and in the DNS server propertites, forwarder tab, the error message stopped.

Anyway thanks for your help.