Transferring Outlook Express messages to new computer

Old computer OS is Win 98SE; I copied all my Outlook Express messsages to CD as .dbx files, e.g. Inbox.dbx.

New computer OS is XP Pro.  How can I get Outlook Express on new computer to read messages from old?

Thank you.

David Capp
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Hello strider01 =)

Have you tried to move these dbx files to the XP system to a new folder and then using File>Import>Messages to import these dbx files in OE :)

How to backup Outlook Express (OE) Email and transfer settings to another PC:
Hi strider01,
> How can I get Outlook Express on new computer to read messages from old?

Here is one of the easy methods..

install outlook express in your XP.. open outlook express.ofcourse you would not find any messages.
now go to tools > options > maintainence > store folder
check the path there.

make note of the path. now close OE
navigate to that path. you would see all dbx files there..

now copy the dbx files from CD (the ones that u copied from 98 machine) and paste it in that location.
now open OE and see if all your emails are there.


Oh forgot . if you want to move the address book , you should have saved a file by the extension *.wab.
copy that file over to this new machine and then opening OE , you can import it .

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strider01Author Commented:
sunray 2003:  thank you, that worked for Inbox and Sent Items which were the two I was most concerned with;  I also have several e-mail message folders I created e.g. Dave.dbx; I can't get OE to open them, tried creating folder with same name and pasting, no luck

any thoughts?  thank you
so you went inside OE and created a sub-folder under inbox called dave or Dave , right ?
Once you had done that, close OE and go to that path and you should see dave.dbx or Dave.dbx .. Do you see that ?

now when you copy your Dave.dbx from CD , copy it from to a location on your XP machine(not in this path,, some other location).. right-click , go to properties and make sure it is not read-only. now copy it to this path.. Does it replace the file already there .. if yes, make sure after replacing that the file size of it is correct.

now open OE and check if the email messages are there

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Glad you got ur issue fixed
I have a similar problem, I transfered my "offline.dbx" from an XP machine to a new XP machine.
I copied all the files based on the above process to a folder on my D drive call OE Mail. I opened OE and
made and created an offline folder called "Offline". It created an "Offline.dbx" file. I copied the
"Offline.dbx" from my other machine and pasted it to the OE Mail folder, it replaced the offline.dbx already in that
folder. I restarted OE, but none of the Offline messages are there from the previous offline.dbx. When I check the OE Mail folder where all the .dbx files are located, there is a new file called "offline (1).dbx.  Any suggestions?
You need to open a new question for this ..
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