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Attachment icon not visible in view for incoming mails from internet

we have Lotus Notes R6.5 and when receiving mails from internet with attachments, the icon of the attachment is not displayed in the incoming folder. @attachments returns nothing. But when we open the doc, edit it then save it. The attachment icon is shown. Have we misconfigured something?

Thanks for you help,
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refresh/replace the design of the db. And also compact it.
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Does not work...
then check the view in design mode for that column.
Place the code which u see.
Inbox is a folder and check the 6th column of it.
It should contain this formulae:
@If(@TextToNumber(@Version) > 122;

    @If(@IsAvailable(_ViewIcon2); _ViewIcon2;
    (@Contains(@LowerCase(From); " pager ") | @Contains(@LowerCase(SendTo); " pager "));
        @If(@Contains(@LowerCase(@AttachmentNames); "message.wav" : "vmsg_hdr.wav");
        @Contains(@LowerCase(@AttachmentNames); ".wav");
        @Contains(@LowerCase(@AttachmentNames); ".tif");
@IsAvailable($ContentIcon); $ContentIcon; @Attachments; 5; 0)

If the above is unavailable, then check the template for the same. Even that also not having then replace the template with a new one from a new install and refresh the designs.
This may be problem with template also. If the template is not having design, then its better to get a nwe template and use it.
Sorry, it is 5th column.

Since u refreshed/replaced deisgn, I suspect the design is missing. Something to do with design.
Sorry Madheeswar, I said in the first message that the @attachments finds nothing , this is more complicated than that ;-)
Thanks for helping me.
May be this is related to MIME settings in person doc. Let me check some URL's for related stuff.

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Some $file fields are NOT supposed to show up as attachments.  If there is MIME content that has disposition: inline, then the file (typically a graphic file -- GIF, JPG) is treated as part of the message display, not a separate attachment.

What you really need to do is extract the MIME content of the entire message, and see whether the structure warrants an independent attachment indicated in teh user agent (i.e., itemizer on Domino server and the Notes client rendering).  MIME containers can be a bit trickly, and Microsoft has never gotten it quite right.  (Lotus gets teh containers right, but sometimes gets associations or flags wrong, so nobody really behaves properly in this space.)
Thanks for your help, I will see with the Admins about the Mime settings and the antivirus. This is not a graphic file problem neither. I prefer to close the question now without being sure of the solution than wait for the Admins (this would take a while).
There should be a way in this web site for these kind of situations to divide the points between the users who have answered.

Thanks to you all,
there is a method to split points between people. or u can ask in Community support with this link to split points. This service is free.
Check if the sender using a signature file...I know sometimes the gif or other kind of signature file could
mess up the atachment icon....