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Can't get past boot screens in Win 2000

Hi all,
Just bought a secondhand computor for my kids with Win 2000 installed. It booted up with only a little hickup first time it asked for me to choose to load Win 2000 or XP normally or safe modes I said normal win 2000 booted up to welcome screen etc. I noticed for some reason the date and time were way out so on the next boot went into Bios corrected the time and it has not got past the second boot sceen since thats the screen where it lists all the components ect in boxes says update successfull and just hangs there will go no further. This is really annoying as It has rendered the purchase totally useless  for the kids as a reformat will leave me without an OS. Help Greg
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When you boot now, does it prompt you for what version you want?  What was the default selection the first time?  Windows XP or Windows 2000?

It may be trying to load XP by default.  Maybe press F8 when it is booting up to bring up the menu again, then select 2000.  If it loads, we can make that change permanent.

How old is the computer?

Are you saying it gets to the screen where you can choose XP or 2000 and then hangs?
go back into the bios, and change the time back, then if it boots to windows, change the time form in windows and see
Hey ,

does the system have 2 OS's installed ? As in its a dual boot system? Maybe in the past there was and this maybe causing the issue? If thats the case I would just format the whole system, (get a OS cd always good to have)  and build it again - make sure you have some drivers first it makes it easier.

Also it could be a problem with drivers that are being picked up by Windows and then attemping to install? If so go in through safe mode, login, download new drivers and also take a look at the windows update site which will search your system for updates you need and install them - Look for Service packs but remember they are usaully pretty big to Download bout 100 MB +. To try and detect what hardware the system has a problem with you could maybe disconnect any PCI or AGP cards you dont really need or disable audio/video/other stuff in the BIOS and see if the system boots up ok. If you do this for each device it eventually should point to the hardware that may be causing the problem.

Finally if say your hardware is not compatible with win2k maybe just installed win98/ME. It a pretty old OS and it sucks but if the system is just for your kids i dont think it will matter much.

Anyway hope this helps

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Don't want to let me into safe mode I have tried repeatedly to tape F8 but it just hangs on thre second screen doesnt even let me choose an OS since the first time. Changing bios time dosen't do anthing either. I thought it had two OS due to it asking which to boot the first time. I removed the HDD and slaved it to my XP machine and looked at the HDD it only has one partition and appears only one OS on the drive. If I could just even get into safe mode I might be able to find out why it's hanging.
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Thanks Kitezh,
I unplugged all unnecessary hardware devices down to the absolute minimum to function still hanging, I cannot get hold of a Win 2000 cd to attempt a repair so have reformatted and gone with my old faithfull win 98 se Thanks anyway. Greg