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Lots of free space, can't Defrag

I have a user who, when trying to save a .pdf file, gets an error that "the location of his Temp directory id full" and that he can't save anything.  He has a 40GB hard drive, with 17% of it free.  I've completely emptied every Temp folder on the computer, and when I go to defrag the drice, it shows almost completely Red (Fragmented Files).  It'll defrag, and then show the same thing again..Any ideas?  Thanks.
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Is there a profile quota on the user?
Hello tenover =)

And have you tried running Chkdsk /f /r on the hard drive yet ??
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No quota, and no, not yet.  I did run ScanDisk with no problems though.
Scandisk.... you using win2000 na ??
it has no scandisk... pleae try running Chkdsk /f /r from command prompt and let it to run on next startup.
and after that check if same problem still :)
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Running now.
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I would suggest yout to run thorough hard-disk cleanup ( you might want to try "CCleaner" ( from http://www.ccleaner) or "BeClean" ( from
You'll be surprised how many junk files are still hanging around .
 I'm pretty sure also 17 % free hard-disk space is not quite enough for successful defragmentation since there is no room for OS to manuevur large chunks of data.
 You have to check in what condition is that hard-disk :
from Control Panel launch Administrative tools go to  Computer Management and select
Disk Management . Right click on drive C: click on Properties and select Tools tab. From there click on Check now button and schedule disk error-checking routine for next reboot. Reboot PC and let it run disk-erro checking.
   Also if you have S.M.A.R.T.  hard-disk monitoring capable BIOS enable that feature in systems BIOS. You might expect "imminent hard-disk failure" error mesage at boot when S.M.A.R.T. hard-disk monitoring is enabled if your hard-disk is in bad shape.
     My hope though is that only user temp folder should be cleaned thoroughly.
    Try to unhide all system and hidden folders and go to:
  C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp
   and delete all junk files stored withing that folder.
   BTW does that error message jumps only when he is trying to save *.pdf files ? How about creating and saving other files types like *.doc , *.rtf or plain *.txt files?
There are numerous applications ( wordprocessors, download managers etc.) which use to create *.tmp files for temporary document backups.
  good luck
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The .pdf issue was solved by upgrading Acrobat.....Still can;t defrag though.  His hard drive shows as only being 30% full (40GB hard drive), yet we still can't defrag.
ten seems like this question got misplaced my be...... apologies! =\
are we supposed to still continue the problem or has it solved by you.....? :)