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Primer on DVD/CD drive AUDIO outputs.

I'm looking for a primer of sorts on how the audio channels work on a DVD/CD drive, and how they get into my PC. I just installed an EMPREX DVD Dual 8x Internal DVD+/-R and +/-RW drive. The CD drive I replaced did not have the 4-pin audio cable on the back yet I could hear music OK through the system sound. I suppose it came through the IDE cable. The sound from the new drive is very faint using only the IDE cable. I tried jumpering the 4-pin caudio cable to my sound card "input" and get nothing. Apparently, I don't know how sound is generated by DVD/CD drives and how to get it into my PC sound system. Yes, I checked the WindowsXP sound display of inputs; none are muted and volumn controls are all at 100%. Yes, the sound on the DVD player display is not muted and is likewise set to 100%.

In your dissertation explain (1) the audio route via IDE cables, and (2) audio route via sound output on the back of the DVD drive. When do you use what? Am I in the midst of analog vs. Digital outputs? I will appreciate getting educated!

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Audio signals from a CD is read digitally and passed to your sound card via the IDE cable.  This is the reason why you can hear music without the 4-pin connector from the drive to the soundcard connected.  In fact, that cable is no longer necessary, and it was an analog method of transferring sound in the early days.  Some drives have an audio jack for headphones, which allow you to listen directly from the drive, bypassing the soundcard.

Hey Top Man. I think I knew that. Follow me on this and see if you agree with me where the problem is:

If I play a music CD on my CD drive2 using Windows Media Player, I get music at level, say 50.

If I play that same CD on my DVD drive1 using Nero6 Showtime I get music at about the same 50 level. Nero6 plays music CDs OK, or at least like the other drive.

Now, if I play a DVD movie on DVD drive1 using CyberLink's "Power DVD", I get sound at about the 50 level. So far so good.

But, when I play a DVD movie on DVD drive1 using Nero6 Showtime, I get essentially no audio (very faint at about level 1), although the video is OK.

One would assume that Nero6 Showtime has a problem with video sound, but one would also assume that that same problem would exist for music CDs. Right? I just can't see how Nero6 is the problem, but I could be wrong.

You've helped some by confirming that my audio connections are OK, and that I don't need the audio cable from the back of the DVD drive. But, if I'm to use Nero6 with my DVD drive1 to burn DVDs, I sure like it to play them, and not have to revert back to "Power DVD" to play them.

Any suggestions?


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I just a few minutes ago emailed Nero Support and presented the problem to them. I now agree that Nero6 is probably the problem. Anyway, I'll take it from here and thanks a heap!!!
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