EMail Attachements get chopped off

One of our users is having trouble with his email, certain emails seem to be losing their attachments after being sent. The attachments are word docs and other simple files like that.

The user is using Outlook 2000, when i look at the email in the sent folder the email still contains the attachment. My fist thought was the recipients mail server, or some intermediary mail server is chopping of the email. But when he sends to two different users on the same domain, one will get the email and one won't, so I'm baffled. Any ideas experts?
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
are the recipients getting the mail with a winmail.dat attachment instrad of what it was sent with ? if so its a MAPI problem (unix remailers dont understand and strip the attachments off) Try resending the mail with outlook set to send mail in "Plain Text"
That's a huge classic.

Chance are that the recipients are outside of your domain and/or they do not use outlook to read their mails.

This is what you have to do (my only problem is that I have a French Exchange, which means that translating the menus is not that easy, so you might have to guess) :

On the Exchange System Manager :

- Global Parameters
- Internet Messages Format

you should have at least two entries :
- One for all messages sent to the local exchange managed domain
- One for all others (default domain, marked as "*")

The default entry is for all recipients that are outside of your local exchange domain users.

Double-click on this line (or create the entry). Inside the Advanced Parameters, your have to set "RFT Exchange format" to "Never".

This will force your exchange server to transform attachments from it's internal format to the more common and widely deployed mime format.

This will garantie you that all outside users will be able to read your attachments properly.

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