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Read TelephoneCenter Logs (for example Siemens) from COM: port

Acctualy, i am using VB6 and i want to make a program that will recognize calls from a telephone center (4-lines) not from modem (with AT commands that i have it) ... As i see the telephone center have a simple dot matrix printer connected with a serial cable that convert it at parallel and printing incoming calls....

Can i emulate printer at com port (with vb code - MSComm for example) and read anything (in real will printing at com) like connected printer (no returning error codes at telephone center) ? ... I think it will be simple...

if i can do it with AT commands (i don't think that can be do with AT commands) please tell me what commands i ll have to put at my program to receive logs from com:   (it will not have a connected modem only the serial cable that printer connected)

--- There are no drivers... of siemens 100 (i think that this is the model) ---

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"loukoumi" greek expression :-) delight!!

Thanx jaime - it was so simple and i didn't try it...  2400,8,n,1 gave me the solution with MSComm.