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Dear All,

Currently experiencing a problem with a HP4600N. The server is running Win2KSBS. Each time the server boots, an error is generated as follows 'Spoolsv.exe - Entry Point Not Found'. The server is running SP4. The driver/printer has been removed, the latest downloaded and installed yet the error is still generated. It isn't generated when the printer/driver is removed so definitely seems to be relating to the driver/Os in some way. Any help appreciated.


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Hello exedos =)

Check if the solution pointed here can solve the problem for you too!
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If this doesn't solve the issue, then uninstall any printer software from your system, deattach the printer, and follow the instructions from here to clean all the previous printer drivers and reset the print spooler service...... restart and check if any progress!


Excellent, thanks guys, will try these and post back. Many thanks
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A Spoolsv.exe or Out of Resources error message may occur as a result of an HP LaserJet printer driver install but can be caused by the installation of other items that create port monitors in the registry, such as AutoCAD (TM) or Adobe (R) Acrobat (R). This document will help with eliminating the cause of spoolsv.exe or out of resources error.

More information from Microsoft on this issue
This document is based on Microsoft’s knowledgebase document, Q260142 "How to Troubleshoot Windows 2000 Printing Problems Current - Microsoft® Windows 2000 Professional - Microsoft Windows 2000 Server", for more in depth troubleshooting please refer to this document on Microsoft's advanced support site .

Troubleshooting instructions
Often these errors will completely disable all printing even after rebooting. In the case of spoolsv.exe errors the spool service is gone, so attempting to start or stop the service is not possible. Attempting to do so or just attempting to look in the printer’s folder can also cause the error.

These problems can occur if a third-party program changes the default local port monitor. There may be a third party port monitor that may have installed settings in the Registry causing the issue. Fixing these requires directly editing the registry to remove the Third Party Port Monitor registry entries.

The default port monitors that ship with Windows

AppleTalk Printing Devices (When Services for Macintosh is installed)

BJ Language Monitor

Local Port

PJL Language Monitor

Standard TCP/IP Port

USB Monitor

Windows NT Fax Monitor

Start Registry Editor by clicking Start, Run, Regedit.

Check the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors for third-party monitor registry entries. Remove any non-default monitors except HP Standard TCP/IP Port by right clicking on them and selecting Delete.

If either of the following entries are present try removing those first, HP Master Monitor or HP LaserJet 5 Language Monitor.

If the issues still are not resolved then try removing the remaining third party port monitors one at a time, retesting in between.

If the issue persists at that point refer back to the Microsoft knowledgebase document.

NOTE: Removing port monitors for a specific application may disable printing features from that application. In this event the application might need to be un-installed and then re-installed.

NOTE: One or more of the links above will take you outside the Hewlett-Packard Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
From the HP web:

One possible reason for the error is that unidrv.dll may have been replaced with an older version that has a newer time stamp. This happens because the spooler on Windows 2000 replaces the file based on time stamp rather than version number. The older version of unidrv.dll does not work with the newer drivers. To resolve this issue the older version of unidrv.dll (with the newer time stamp) needs to be replaced with the newer version of the dll. To prevent this from happening again, the dll on the server must be updated

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