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If i can NOT boot a laptop from floppy, CDROM(because i don't have a copy), safe mode, nor last know good configuration. What should i do now?

Once the windows screen appears it suddenly changed to a blue screen and nothing more can be done. Please help
Windows 2000

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Wayne Barron

8/22/2022 - Mon
Gary Gordon

Considering all of the above, I think it is a pretty safe bet that you will have to reinstall the operating system and to do that you are going to need an installation CD.  Windows 2000 Professional is pretty affordable and so I recommend buying one or at least borowing one.  In any case you really need to have it.  


Kindly paste the blue screen contents (some text)

Sanjay_Bhardwaj - There is absolutely no text when the blue screen is displayed…

ggordon777 – When I completely reinstall the operating system, I’m assuming I will lose all my files on the hard drive. IS there any way to maintain the files or get them back?
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Gary Gordon

Re-installing the operating system will wipe out the contents of your hard disk if you choose to reformat the hard disk during the installation.  If you reinstall Windows without reformating the hard disk, many files will remain but you will need to reinstall all or most of your programs.  In any case you can use a file recovery program like Restorer 2000 to recover many files from a disk even if it has been reformatted but anything that was written over since the reformat is not recoverable.  When you reinstall windows on your disk a percentage of your files will be over-written by windows files so they are not recoverable.  Consider a recovery rate of 75% to be about average, maybe a little higher than that.

Since your hard disk is in a notebook it is not easy to take it out and connect it to another machine where it's contents can be copied to a safe place.  (If any one has a suggestion for how to remove and access a non-bootable notebook PCs hard disk from a desktop pc I wan't to hear it!)  

How important is the data on that notebook disk?  If you reinstall windows your going to loose at least some files.  You will want to consider a backup for your files in the future.  

If some loss is acceptable, consider reloading windows and then using a program like Restorer 2000 to find your old files.  Let us know what you plan to do.


I thank-you for your all help ggordon777…

If I have the Windows 2000 Professional CD ROM, what steps do I take to reload the operating system?
Gary Gordon

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Gary Gordon

The last paragraph starting with "then" is in there by accident, just ignore that.  Good luck with the reinstall.

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Wayne Barron

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