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VBA loading a VB app

Hi There,

im building a complex VB application that will assist my team in developing project timelines [in ms project]
only problem is the application really outgrows the functionality of a VBA application, thus needs to be developed in VB...

So my question is, how do I go about, or is it posible to get a VBA application to talk to a VB application?

i.e. can I get my VBA application to load and talk to a VB application/dll ?
it needs to be able to call each others functions and stuff... cause the VB app needs to be able to access information stored within Project [via VBA]

ok, now im just confused, but do you get my point ??
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you can create an Active X object to accomplish the task.

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You can use ActiveXs to achieve what you mean.

My best guess would be that you can build some MSProject plug-in exposing also functionality as COM(apart from the plug-in code, I mean) so that you can use that to make a VB exe talk to MSProject.


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Thanks guys... thats right on the money.

but Im not sure if its exactly what I need, cause I have some forms that have been developed in VB6, and when I try to reference them in the VBA I get an error stating that the class does not support expected interface...

Any ideas?
Please post that part of the code, I can fix it