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How to convert mmf and ma2 ringtone files into MIDI or MID format?

Can I get some help on converting *.mmf and *.ma2 files into *.mid or * midi file format for ringtones?
Is there a free convertion software on the net?   All I could find was either WAV-to-mmf or MP3-to-midi and so forth.
Thanks a lot in advance... ^^
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Youll have to get the PSMPLay and then another program to take off copy right protection
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Thanks, but the link for the mmf protection remover is broken.  Is there any other website that I can get this tool?

one of the poeple below him have the attached file,you have to resgister though
also read the whole file
I registered, but still the link is broken.   Other attachements are PSMPlay files with different versions, which I've already installed.  However, I can't still convert to MIDI due to the copy right protection.
Got this tip on a awebsite

If like me you are unable to load mmf files because of copyright issues, here is a tip that works for me.
Find on the net a copy of PsmPlay5-0 (midi/mmf to mmf converter).
Install on your machine.
Open the mmf with the copyright issue.
Select: file, create smaf, smaf 16 chords.
Give it a new name, uncheck the copyright box and "voila".
You will now be able to upload the file
Thanks, Mikal613, for your prompt response.

I don't think I am doing wrong, but it doesn't seem to work for me.  When I resaved, the file size became only 1KB of output file with 'WAV is not convertible for this format' error message.

Thank you so much for your kind responses, though....
its not for wav's

its for mid to mmf  first you would have to convert the wav to a mid or vice versa
Well, sorry for the confusion due to the strange error message.  I am trying to convert mmf files to midi files, but I don't know why PSMPlay gives such strange error message 'WAV .....'.     Do you know of any other tool that unlocks the copyright protection of mmf files???
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Thank you so~~ much...  ^^
Well, thanks for all of your help.  
I wanted to convert some sample mmf files to midi and I shouldn't have considered testing copyright protected audio in the first place.