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ASP.NET page open with no toolbars and the certain size I want to display my program

I have built an application in VB.NET to display information in a table based on the user input.  However I don't want the user to be able to hit the back button, or insert a new like.  Also the status bar needs to go.  I just want the browser with no toolbars and the right size to fit my application.

Is there some HTML code I can write to display the window at 400x500 and disable all the buttons.

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Yes JavaScript...but you should know, in apps like FF the window must be opened by it, otherwise you will not be able to change the windows features or control it. Also, removing the bar will cause apps like FF to warn users of thing they did not initiate like a Refresh.

here is a tutorial link:
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I'm happy to see that the links "may" have been of some help to you, although a "C" grade typically indicates it wasn't really what you needed.  I'd be happy to research further, if you'd like; or if the information didn't help you, you may want to request a refund from the Community Support topic area and post the question again in a topic area that may better get you what you need.  Let me know, please.
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I've requested a review of this question from our excellent Moderator team via the link below in the Community Support topic area.  "C" graded questions without comment are of concern, since it's out lowest grade and often means the issue was not addressed to your satisfaction, and we all strive to deliver solutions, the best that we can.

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