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VB Report Designer Group Header

I am attempting to create a report using VB6 and the report designer to create an inventory transaction log report.  I have two tables (TransactionLogMaster and TransactionLogDetails).  TransactionLogMaster contains the transaction date, transaction type, vendor name and a unique transaction id.  TransactionLogDetails contains the specifics of the transaction, description of item, price, quantity ordered or received.

I have a query that joins all that into a dataset.  I have created the report with a group header.  I want the Transaction type, date and vendor name to appear in the header with everything else appearing in the details.  However, when I try to print the report, I get run-time error '8570' report sections do not match data source.

Does this have something to do with grouping or is it another issue?

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You need to have a hierachical recordset using an MSDataShape connection.
The simplest way to get it to work is to include a data environment in your project and build the sql in there. This will generate the correct grammer for a shape query.
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When attempting to create the MSDataShape connection, what are the data source and location?  Is this referring to the database name (Mydata.mdb)?  
oConn.Open "Provider=MSDataShape;" & _
           "Data Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
           "Dbq=c:\somepath\Mydata.mdb;" & _
           "User ID=myUsername;" & _

For Access use the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Provider
In the connection just put the filename including the full path.
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