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Microphone Volume Low

I recently had a system built and am having trouble recording with a microphone - the volume is very low. It is built around an ASRock K7S41GX motherboard with onboard sound (C-Media) running Windows XP. The front audio jacks are not connected, I'm using the rear jacks.

I am using the onboard sound and have confirmed that the drivers are up-to-date. I have un-muted the microphone, enabled advance options and selected the "Microphone Boost" (which slightly improved the problem). The volume is still very low. I can record and boost the volume using "Audacity", but there is a bit of an echo (like I'm in a bathroom), as I am having to boost the volume significantly.

I have tried two different microphones that work fine on another computer I have.

Audio Codec: CMI9739A
Audio Driver Version:
Audio Controller: SIS 7012 Series
Direct X Version: 9.0b

Any help would be appreciated.
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If the drivers are the correct one there shouldnt be a problem. You may want to reinstall the hardware and see :(
Did you try the slider under RECORDING, in the sound settings?
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if all fails, you can install another sound card. that should fix your problem.
Also check if the mike is connected to the right connector, as some of the newer boards have more than 4 sound connectors: if you are connected to the "say line input" you would have this thing happening
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Goto Control panel, click sounds and audio devices, click the Audio tab, click the Volume control under recording, And Check it is up...
Try using Line In rather than Microphone if ur havin too much problem. Also u need to make sure that the volume levels as well as the recording levels of the Microphone are all the way up. Enabling +20dB boost on the Mic settings will help further. Sometimes keeping the normal volume levels low will also result in the output being low. What do the recording indicators show?? Make sure the mic itself is fine. Sometimes bad mics wont transfer the signal properly. Try changing the microphone and see if that helps. Its also possible that the mic port of the card is bad. I have seen cards with Line In ports gone bad so its possible.

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I checked that the microphone is in the right connector, and even tried using the line in jack. The mic is in the right connector and recording would not work using the line in jack. Verified recording volume levels and microphone boost again. Same result.
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Please note, this is ONBOARD audio. Yes, I could add a sound card, but I will only do that if I can't get the onboard to work.
you can always contact ASROCK by email :
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I have sent my question to asrock and received an auto-reply that they'll get to it (in time) but strongly suggest you direct questions to the dealer. I'll call my dealer on Monday.
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The Real Rat Boy - your suggestion has helped. The volume is still not as high as I would expect in the raw file, but now I don't have to boost the volume as much post-recording, which results in better quality. I think I've fussed with this enough now and will accept your comment as an answer.