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Copy Users

I have a Win2k AD Domain.

I need to copy all users in the  " users " folder, into a new folder named " IWS "

How can I do this?

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Actually you can. As long as they are not in the same container or OU, and the logon names (sAMAccount) are unique.

i.e. you can have cn=JohnSmith,ou=Accounting,ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=com with sAMAccount as JSmith (MYDOMAIN\JSMITH) and
                         cn=JohnSmith,ou=Engineering,ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=com with sAMAccount as Johns (MYDOMAIN\JOHNS)

As to copying, you need to create a script to do that.  In w2003 the copy functionality exists, but for a single object at a time.

Now, during the copy operation you must supply a different logon name to the copied object, otherwise AD will reject it.

Could you elaborate a little on why do you need to copy those accounts, maybe if we understand your need better we can point you in the right direction.

Thanks Ivan for the clarification,  I should have been clearer and mentioned that it was the logon name.

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I have a proprietary server based program, that pulls users from the USERS folder.

I also have to restrict users from specific computers for other programs.

I have 100 users in the USER folder.
20 of those users can only logon to 20 specific computers.

for some reason when I set the 20 users to only be able to logon to the 20 specific computers,
the program doesnt work for those 20 users.

If I could copy all users into my test folder, I would not need the restriction for those 20 users,
and the program would pull the users from the test folder and all would work.

So you want to move the users from the user folder to the test folder.

I think we can help you out

Right click on the user in active directory users and computers and select move

Then you will see the Move dialogue box
"Move object into container"

Navigate to the test container highlight it and select OK.  

You can select multiple users but holding control and selecting them or if they are all in a row higlight the first hold shift and then click on the last one in the list.  Then you will still right click and select move.

Please let me know if that helps.

A AD object can only be in one AD container so the same user can't be in two different containers.

Same thng I said but some people like links
Tip #424: Moving Users Between Organizational Units  More Tips - By Category  

 Another quick tip... if you wanted to move objects between domains you would use the move tree utility;en-us;q238394
How to Use the MoveTree Utility to Move Objects Between Domains in a Single Forest

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I dont want to move, I need all users in both

USERS and a test folder
In that case, Mike is absolutely right from the very first post.  No, it can't be done.

Active Directory seems to be doing what is supposed to, what kind of errors are you getting?