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My Front Page Form isnt working

Hello Experts,

I just created a form using FP2002.  

I created this form using the FP wizard, and i chose the option to have the results put into an MS Access DB.  

After I created the form (on my laptop) - I then transfered/copied the entire web to a directory on my IIS 6 server -  just a subdirectory under my existing website.  (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myform\form.htm)  

The problem I am experiencing is - the form appears to be working, it sends me to a confirmation page, but none of the data is put into the database that the FrontPage wizard created for me?  The Confirmation page shows me that data that i just input for testing - but none of it is actually transferred to the mdb file.

Dont know if it is a server entension problem, but I believe that they are all installed?

Any help is really appreciated.  

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Most important is that the form should be form.asp not form.htm
Change it to form.asp

Then check the following:
Right click your form,  select form properites,  options, saved fields and make sure that the form fields are matching the database table fields.  Then

1- Select Tools > Web Settings > Databases
2- Click on the database
3- Click verify

Try after that

If this did not work, they you will have to give permissions to the database.  Give:
Everyone,  anonymous internt account (write permissions)

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will give that a shot. Sounds like great advice.

thank you hhammash
You are welcome
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looks like that didn't work.  

I did all the steps, and vailidated the database however, it still doesnt work.  

I tried to publish the web using Front pages "publish" option.  I thought that might help, however, it still didnt work.  And I get a pop up message stating  "The Following pages in your web are Active Server Pages (ASP).  ... and will not work because the server that you are publishing to doesnt support ASP. .... To enable these pages, publish to a server that supports ASP."

I am running II6, on a windows 2003 server.... and for testing i just set this up on my local XP professional machine, enabled IIS, installed FP Server Extensions... and I am still having no luck.

Any other suggestions?
Are you publishing locally?

The message you are getting means that you do not have iis running.

To test if your iis working, open your browser and type:


If two IIS pages open it means that your IIS is working,  if they do not open it means that your iis is not working.

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Thanks again, and yes, I am publishing locally, and two IIS pages opened up.  (i am publishing locally, because I wanted to work on this over the weekend, and dont have access to our webserver remotely yet..)

Maybe it has something to do with my Database permissons?  I have checked just about everything else... Because the page comes up great, i fill information - hit submit, and then the confirmation page comes up with all of the correct info.. but still doesnt transfer to Access?  

I have verified the database, made sure that all of the column headings match..   I guess that I am just missing something??

Thanks again,
If you are getting the confirmation and no data it written to the database it means that there is no write permission to the Internet User.  If you already checked Tools > Web Settings > Databases and verified the database ,  and checked that the form fields are mapped with the table fields, that means there is one thing left to be done.

Open your web folder using Windows Explorere,  not Frontpage,  go to the database, right click it and select properties,  then add write permissions to Everyone and Anonymous Internet Account.

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Thanks for all your help hhammash.  

I have done what you have requested, and for some reason, i still cannot get the form to work.

I have updated the database permissions. (give write permissons etc..)  but still not working.

Any other suggestions.  Perhaps is it a firewall/port problem?  

Just so that you know what is going on, I have the form running in:  


The bia_form should be writing to:  \Inetpub\wwwroot\BIAWEB\fpdb\bia_form.mdb  

I use the verify Database tool and it seems to be verified just fine - so I am just wondering what else could it be?

Thanks again..

You have:


are they in different folders?

Why isn't the form writing to:


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it appears that the Front page Wizard Created that "fpdb" directory.  (i am guessing that it stands for Front page Database?)

Anyway, it created that directory..

I can move it out if needs be, and then update the Form to point to the new address if you think that might help??

Thanks... again,
Try and let me know
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We gave it a  shot and still doenst work.  would it have anything to do with the global.asa file?

Anyway, I have the  MDB permissions allowing everything but "full control" to Everyone and Anonymous Internet Account - but for some reason, still no luck.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again for all your assistance.
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