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Error Message: "An unidentified error has occurred." When trying to connect Dreamweaver to MySQL database with php.

Here is my setup:

Windows XP Pro with IIS
PHP 5.0.3
MySQL 4.1.7
Dreamweaver MX 2004

I have tested PHP with phpinfo(); and no problems.  I have also tested PHPs access to MySQL and have no problem connecting.  I have MySQL Administrator and MySQL Control Center installed and have no problems accessing the database through either program. I ran CREATE queries through MySQL Control Center to create my tables.  For purposes of getting the connection working I am using a simple user account called www with password www.  The MySQL database name is also www.  the www acount has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and CREATE priveleges to the www database, but no access at all to the mysql database.  Based on an article I read,  I ran these 2 queries to change the password for the www acount to the old_password format:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('www') WHERE User = 'www'

After running these queries I enabled old passwords in the mysql.ini file and restarted mysql.  I also went through all of the suggestions at the macromedia page that is dedicated to troubleshooting this problem:

I started out using apache2, but I switched to IIS because I thought it might be more compatible with Dreamweaver.

I am an experienced IT professional who is farely new to PHP, I would like to get my blog working and then maybe use PHP and MySQL to generate reports for my company. I am using a trial version of Dreamweaver and I will make my decision to purchase it based on whether or not I can get it to work with MySQL.
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Try this

UPDATE mysql.user SET [Password] = OLD_PASSWORD('www') WHERE User = 'www'
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Tried that and I got an error message... message 1064 "check your syntax...."
I figured it out. I had to make changes to my php.ini file.  It was part of another problem I was having but it worked.
Mind me asking what you did to sort this out? I have been battling to get this right.

I dont think that this is considered thread hijacking?
It had to do with my php.ini settings. I originally had it running on IIS, and later switched to apache2 on windows xp. In that case I had to enable the mysql extention dll file in the php.ini file. THen I moved apache to a linux box (fedora core 2) and I had to compile php with mysql support.

Another thing you can try if that doesn't work, is to use the php.ini-dist template. I seem to remember having problems connecting to mysql with dreamweaver using the php.ini-recommended template. If you are using windows, remember to enable the mysql extention when you setup your new php.ini file.
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