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The problem i am having is i have a netgear wireless access point connected to a DSL modem/router.
The modems ip is
The APs ip is 192.168.0 2

When my laptop is wired to the wireless access point the internet works fine but when i use the wirless network the internet does not work. When using the wireless connection I can access other computers that are wired to the router but i cant access the internet. Whille using the wireless connection i can access the access point and routers set up facilities.

I recently bought a DLINK GW520 PCI wireless card for my desktop. The internet worked fine for about 5 minutes but now I am having the exact same problems as the laptop.

Laptops ip is
Desktops ip is

Please help me with the laptop and the desktop.
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Nirmal Sharma

8/22/2022 - Mon