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Serializing a 2D String Array

hi all,
        how do we Serialize an String[][] .. in my code..
i have to serialize a 2-D string array called parameters. I dot it like this..

    String my2DAray[][]= new String[][]{

Serializeable[] params = new Serializable[] {my2DAray});

The problem arises when i try to inovke a remote method called myMethod using these as the parameters . The probelm that i get is..

"No such Method myMethod(java.lang.String)"

The signature of myMethod is
public void myMethod(String[][] args )

Pls help me to resolve this issue

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ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("array.ser"));
(That must be enclosed in a try..catch block)
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THe Error that i get is not a compile time one. the source compiles but when i try to invoke the REMOTE method that has to accept a String array it doesnt construct the serialized string array back rather it searches for a match
myMethod(String) rather than looking for myMethod(String[][])

>>but when i try to invoke the REMOTE  ...

Can you show me how you're doing that?
The signature of myMethod is
public void myMethod(String[][] args )

If that's the case, why can't you simply do


hi all , i got the solution to the problem.

I had to pass the classTypes while making the Remote call.. as follows..

 Class[] paramTypes={String.class,Boolean.class,String[][].class};

Thanx everyone for ur comments. How do i get back my points??

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