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Cursor keeps turning into a black block

I am using Windows XP upgraded from windows 98 when working in any text utilising program whenever I am on a document or worksheet body the cursor turns into a black block with white lines running through it it makes it hard to manipulate any item on the page using the mouse. The problem dissapears for short periods on restart of the computetr but seems to be occuring more frequently.
mouse drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled with no affect to the problem.

If anyone knows of a solution to this problem, Please help?
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Alternatively, you might want to get XP drivers for your mouse..

How about turning off a few grafic tricks used on the mouse.

Things like:
- shade
- mousetrail etc.

Have a go at these to see if it gets sorted. No real need for these things anyways is there?

Also there is a chance this could be a virus. Some twat writing a script to piss you off. Run a virusscan.
Any of these will suffice.
You could also try download/install the video driver again, then apply Direct-X again, normally this problem are caused by video or mouse drivers.

-My first guess would be the video card drivers, which was mentioned above.  Just look to see if there are newer drivers for it and install those.

-If you update to no avail, then try a different set of mouse cursors and see if that remedies the situation.  If it does, then you may want to reinstall (overinstall) WindowsXP to fix any corrupted files.  Also try turning off options such as mouse trail, hide pointer while typing, enhance pointer percision, show location, or any other extra options.

-If that doesn't help, then there is the slight possibility that you may have bad memory.  If your computer hasn't been acting stable, then this may be a stronger possibility.  To test your memory, download Memtestx86+ from  This program will create a bootdisk (or CD) which will require you to reset your computer to run.  You should go through a couple of passes (at least 3) to make sure your memory is in stable condition.  If it shows any memory addresses failing, then you may have a problem with your memory.

Hope this helps and keep us up to date on what works,