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OKI C5100 shared printer - test page prints fine, but almost nothing else

I'm working on a printer setup here in an office. They have a color laser OKI C5100 shared from one computer. From the computer physically connected to it, you can print color graphics, text, etc.

However, from the one I am at now, I can print the test page perfectly, color and all, but other than that pretty much just text. If I make anything (small even) in paint then it won't print. Any document in word with graphics won't print as well. I'm at a loss, because it acts like it gets sent off just fine, but nothing ever happens. It doesn't show a document as arrived on the other machine, nor does the printer even warm up.


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What I ended up doing was reinstalling the driver on the server computer itself. I had originally downloaded the driver and installed it on the networked machine, and so perhaps the newer driver wasn't 100% backwards compatible with the older one. As soon as I put the new driver on the server system they all can print fine.