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Exchange 2003 database corruption


My problem seems to be that our Exchange 2003 database is corrupt all of the sudden.  This was discovered because our backup software “Arcserve” didn’t want to backup the Information Store without errors.

I ran the ESEUTIL /g on the priv1.edb database and it came back with “database corrupted”  

I understand that I should run ESEUTIL /p for a hard database repair, and then after that is completed run a ISINTEG on the database?   I just want to make sure that is the correct procedure as that I don’t have a valid backup that I can restore from in case something goes wrong.    

Everything I could find on ISINTEG talked about Exchange server 5.5, 2000 but nothing about 2003.  I just want to be sure.

To sum up, I haven’t yet run a hard database repair and honestly am hoping not to have to run one again.  If anyone has any advice or steps that I haven’t talked about I would greatly appreciate any advice.  

I am also not sure how long the database has been corrupt.  I did run an ESEUTIL offline defrag about 2 weeks ago because we had deleted around 5 gig’s of e-mail and we needed to reclaim the storage space.  I am not sure if somehow that might have corrupted the database or not.


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I tried this fix and it told me "error encountered getting mailbox information on exchange database server"  I have tried to restart the istore in services and still nothing.  

If I do a hard repair because for some reason the ntbackup program is not working will it wipe out the logs?