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VB.Net PopUp Calendar Date TextBox

Right now I have a basic form done in has 2 date fields and based on what dates are  entered..... a crytsal report is far so the client doesn't want to enter the date but rather pick the dates from a pop-up calender.

Someone told me that came bundled with a pop-up calender that when it is placed on the form it looks like a small calender icon.

How do I place this on the form itself??

ie...dragging it from a toolbar to the form

Can't find any reference of it when I am in the design window of the form.

Any insight would be great. and much appreciated
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Wicked that worked great...I should have checked the toolbox for that control.

Right now I have the calender popping up when a button is can I select 2 dates
( date range ) while that calender is open and when it closes the 2 dates would appear in 2 separate text boxes on the form ...txt_StartDate and txt_EndDate.
The control natively does not support this functionality. You would have to either inherit the control and change the way you wanted it to work, or do some creative events in your code to handle this situation.