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Can Anyone tell me the old way of copying data HDD to HDD without ghost??? Xcopy command if I remember rightly
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xcopy /a /c /e /h /k /s drive1: drive2:
warning by default this WONT copy permissions

I think you mean xcopy /s   (inclusing subfolders)

though robocopy is better

Copy Files/Folders with permissions and ACL’s

***Command Line Tools***

Back in the days of NT4 we used to use SCOPY for copying permissions and ACL’s with 2000 that functionality was put into XCOPY
/X copies the audit settings (as /a in SCOPY)
/O copies ACL information (same as SCOPY)
/S copies subdirectories (same as SCOPY)
But Robocopy is a much better solution
To copy files and maintain they’re NTFS permissions and more importantly their ACL (Access Control List) information. You can use Robocopy (Stands for Robust Copy)

This tool in available in the NT/2000/2003/XP resource kits and can also be downloaded here,
Or direct from Microsoft (Full 2003 resource kit)

ROBOCOPY.exe usage and syntax
ROBOCOPY.exe (Win XP & .Net Resource Kit ) adds more functionality
0609 » A better way to replicate.
5409 » How do I use Robocopy to copy ACLs without copying data?

Also see

***GUI Tools***

Secure Copy
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Wow that was quick, and Daniel your in there again, you've been good to me today..

I didnt want to use any external software, just the microsoft xcopy utility, and what daniel wrote sounds very familiar I am going to try that one first and hopefully I get success...

I will post results tmrw

Thanks all
I always use the /h /i /c /k /e /r /y switches
to see the switches go to a command prompt and type
xcopy /?
this will list all the switches and what they do
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Excellent Daniel those instructions worked perfectly, and I had to use Fdisk to activate the partition.

Many many thanks